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Ricerca personale medico per il Regno Unito
Lunedì, 29 Luglio 2013

Come da cortese richiesta pervenutaci dalla Medical Europe, agenzia specializzata nella ricerca e selezione di personale medico per il Regno Unito, si rende noto che la stessa ha chiesto all'Ordine di diffondere la ricerca urgente di:
- 22 Anestesisti
- 11 Pediatri
- 20 Medici disponibili per il RMO Resident Medical Officer**
- 2 Radiologi
- 7 Medici per Medicina Generale.

Qui di seguito le informazioni fornite all'Ordine.

Contratto iniziale temporaneo di 6/12 mesi con possibile trasformazione a indeterminato. Retribuzione variabile in funzione della esperienza.
Buona conoscenza della lingua inglese. Per tutte le poszioni sono richiesti minimo 4 anni di esperienza.
Gli interessati possono inviare CV in inglese con recapiti per intervista telefonica in inglese a

**Descrizione posizione RMO

Resident Medical Officer (RMO)
The job description of an RMO varies depending on individual needs of our client hospitals, but the main task include:
- risk management,
- assessing changes in the patient's condition,
- initiating emergency treatment and informing the consultant immediately
- the RMO is also expected to act as a team leader in a cardiac arrest situation.

RMO Duties and Responsibilities

- to be familiar with the location and use of emergency equipment
- to demonstrate competency in adult and paediatric life support
- to respond immediately to clinical emergencies / lead the resuscitation team
- in an emergency situation undertake emergency investigations and procedures in accordance with hospital policy and as directed by the patients Consultant

Ward Duties

- be present and contactable within hospital premises at all times
- to clerk and assess patients on admission according to the hospital policy
- to maintain individual contact with patients, carrying out ward rounds and other duties detailed by the individual hospital
- to attend communication (handover) rounds as required
- to update clinical notes on all patients attended according to best practice for record keeping
- to respond promptly to the request of all medical staff
(Consultants and other doctors, nurses) to see any patients within the hospital and to advise or start any treatment as indicated
- undertake specific medical procedures on patients within all departments in the hospital as requested by medical and nursing staff: cannulation, commencing i.v infusions, urinary catheterisations, administration of i.v drugs, ECG, phlebotomy, etc.
- to check blood sample results and take necessary actions
- to assist with pre-operative /admission and outpatient clinics, if requested
- to prescribe medicines to take home and complete discharge letters as requested according to local policies
- before going off duty ensure written appropriate communication to the oncoming RMO specifying any requirements of individual patients

Responsibility to Consultants

- inform Consultants of any change in the condition of their patients and any emergency procedures undertaken
- in a "routine situation" initiate requests and treatments with the prior consent of the patient's Consultant
- in the event of death of a patient inform the Consultant, and the patient's GP (if the Consultant is unable to do so)
- advise the Consultant immediately who threatens to discharge themselves against medical/nursing advice
- see and examine discharged post-operative patients, on requests of the consultant

Other duties

- RMOs must not routinely perform the role of surgical assistant in the Operating Department, but are required to respond in the event of an urgent/emergency situation
- dispense drugs from the pharmacy as required following the local hospital policy
- to examine a sick/injured member of hospital staff and offer appropriate advice in respect of treatment
- RMO's are expected to look smart and presentable at all times, wearing a white coat and a name badge when attending patients

Administrative Duties

- comply with the hospital consent and confidentiality policy maintain comprehensive clerking notes and treatment records for all patients
- read understand and adhere to hospital policies and procedures
- complete hospital administrative documentation as required
- ensure correct procedures are carried out in respect of patients discharging themselves, deaths in care and coroner's requirements

Health and Safety and Quality Assurance

- be familiar, understand and adhere to all Health and Safety regulations including evacuation policy and the RMO's role in such an event
- participate/assist/attend in-house trainings and scenarios as requested. This may include: fire safety, infection control, manual handling, blood transfusion etc.
- be aware of the promotion of effective customer care and public relations in order to promote the good reputation of the hospital
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